Iron based beds

A bed in the wall is a great way to save space because you can fold it up into the wall when you're done with it. If you want to purchase this type of bed, then get one that includes an iron base. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase iron based beds.

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Durability And Reliability

The best thing about iron based beds is their durability. The chances are it will last for your as long as you decide to own the bed for, and if you take proper care of it, the iron will maintain its appearance. This means your iron based bed will look good for years to come. Also, they are easy to take care of, as they tend not to get dirty easily, and a quick wipe with a cloth should keep them looking clean. When it comes to durability and reliability, you can't go wrong with choosing an iron based bed.

They Look Great

Iron based beds tend to look better than other types of beds. Beds that feature an aluminum base or wood base tend to look cheaply made or they don't blend in well with the room's design. When you compare other types of bed frames with iron, it's easy to see that iron based beds look far better. It doesn't matter if you get a bed that folds into the wall or a traditional bed, if the frame is iron, then you can rest assure it will look great in your room.

Various Types To Choose From

There are a few types to choose from, which includes cast iron and wrought iron. Cast iron is great because you can change its appearance by staining it or painting it. Cast iron has a very smooth surface too, which is another reason why people choose cast iron-based beds. Wrought iron tends to have a rough surface, which is because it contains low carbon content. Some people choose to purchase a wrought iron bed frame because it can be covered with an patina, which gives it an aged look, but a lot of people choose to paint it black.


At first glance, iron bed frames may seem more expensive than other types. However, iron is very durable and reliable, and the chances are you won't need to replace an iron frame anytime soon. You get a lot for your money and this is why iron based beds are actually affordable. Instead of spending money on a frame made with wood or other materials, choose an iron based framed bed because it will likely last far longer than aluminum based beds or wooden framed beds.

The next time you're on the market for a bed, buy one with an iron base. As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should purchase iron based beds, and there are many more reasons. Go ahead and buy one and see for yourself why it will be the best bed you've bought in a longtime.